1 ) Silver package – Room update

Two hour consultation visit per room:

In this time we will establish your needs, goals and priorities in order to offer advice on paint colours; finishes; window treatments; space layout; and more. We will also bring various samples and a few initial ideas to discuss. After this meeting we will provide a detailed report where we will set out our professional opinion on the room.

2) Gold package

Following on from the initial consultation, we work with you to ensure you: avoid common costly mistakes and have a space that flows, functions & looks fabulous. We come armed with a portfolio of options in terms of design details, finishes, and furnishings perfect for the space.

We will then start the design and will meet again to present our project ideas to you.

Once you decide which option is the right one for you, we produce a detailed report and shopping list, brands and specific items included. If custom-pieces are required, we will also specify these and suggest the right contractors for the job.

3) Platinium package

Following on from the initial consultation we will proceed with design and bring along our experienced team. We will work on a design and once it is approved we will move into the project management phase of works. We will handle everything from budgets, to hiring and managing contractors, to watching for snags, etc, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Design Plans Available and Tailored Specifically for You may Include:

• Scope of work list with considerations for the project and next steps

• Digital Floor plans; CAD drawings; renderings; inspiration photos and one revision

*Each project is unique and we will tailor our design to your needs and budget.

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